How To Order:

1. Send a text (+63 916-528-3441) or DM on Facebook (SHOOGAREEN) with the following information:

product name (please specify if nutfree or with cashew):
number of orders:
complete name:
mobile number:
complete address:

2. Please wait for confirmation. We will also inform you when your order is on the way.

How do I pay?

We currently accept cash on delivery only.

Can I Pick Up My Order?

Yes ,you can! We don’t have a physical store but we will text/PM you the address when and where you can pick up your order.

Can I Still Change My Delivery Address?

Changes to delivery address can only be made 4 hours (by 10 A.M. of delivery day) prior to delivery time to ensure that our riders are properly informed.

About On-Hand Stocks:

To guarantee the quality of our products, all our items in the menu should be ordered at least a day or two in advance. Sometimes, we make extra batches so send us a text or DM though FB or Instagram for our daily on-hand stocks.

Wrong Order Received

Please send us a direct message with a photo or screencap of your order form then wait for us to contact you on how to get the correct order.

Do you have a physical store?

We currently don’t have a physical store but we will let you know once we have one.

Product Shelf Life

We carefully tested each product for optimum shelf life and quality. Our shards are best consumed within 2 weeks of purchase. This should be chilled at least 5 minutes before consumption.

For further inquiries send a message via FB, IG, mobile or email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Mobile: 0916-528-3441
Facebook: shoogareen