Welcome to Shoogareen!

SHOOGAREEN is a play on the Japanese word for sugar, “shugaa” and saccharine, which means sweet or sentimental. As foodies with huge sweet tooths, we decided to give our own spin on our favorite treat, chocolates. We are dedicated to giving our customers a memorable sugary sweet snacking experience they can share with their family and friends.

Our specialty is handcrafted chocolate concoctions. We take great pride in our unique flavors and designs inspired by a lifelong passion for rock music. We make our products in small batches to maintain flavor and ensure quality.

Each homemade product is meticulously crafted and tested before it is commercially released. Our chocolates are reasonably priced and designed for optimum yumminess. We offer different variants to suit diverse palates and satisfy your inner chocobeasts.

We had as much fun creating our chocolates as we have eating them and we want to share these delicious treats with you. We are delighted to establish, not only your new everyday snack time staple, but also a new dessert tradition for holidays, rainy days, or any day you want to celebrate.

Everyday is chocolate day with SHOOGAREEN!

“…seriously good!!!”

– Adelmar G., mom & US-based physical therapist

“The kids love them!

Who could resist creamy milk or white chocolate with potato chips? It has the right balance of sweetness and saltiness that we love from our favorite snacks…”

– Jemma Marie G., mom of 3 & BPO operations manager

“If you love chocolates and especially miss Royce’s choco-dipped potato chips, this product is IT!

– Aries R., university professor

“Chocolate addictingly so good!”

– Joahna D., baker and owner of Golden Treats Pasalubong Center